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Romanian Huge Designer ’’ Suitcase’’-the final dissemination

Hello friends !
We mixed  in this “suitcase”:
* ideas for you ....
* stories
* some little guidebook…
* only a few good tips to follow ...
* lots of  English to learn 
* lots of pictures…
a huge piece of Creativity and Friendship.



This “suitcase” with English is primarily for Huge Designers.

 It may be taken at school, on trips in the country, but especially those from abroad. It contains only useful things. If you cannot carry it alone, ask for help from a friend ! It is best used for trips from 2010-2012 (more or less imaginary)… in Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and...Romania. But you can use it  after … anywhere ... anytime for life, is forever!

This Comenius project (including its photos, videos, blog and site) is authorized for all who are interested in learning something about it (parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers, other relatives, neighbors, all schoolmates and teachers, friends). Exhibition and dissemination is for free and it not be punished by the law!


A two-three years ago, teacher Eda (our friend from Turkey)  said:
„When Gardner placed mind of frames in the pictures of mind, learners believed intelligence was single and fixed, were ready for journeys into this among dimensions with their unique potentials and secret capacities. Our story was written during these journeys into this dimension by today’s small discoverers. Before we begin our projects, we recognized eachother's cultures and lives as a means of communication, by using letters, postcards and e-mails together with partners of our project. And we shared this result which we got from this partnership with our partners by using presentations.
Because we found out interesting things,  we decided to continue our journey with our new passengers by sharing these activities at jounerys which we're going to do to their worlds. „
So…..we were ready to start!
Because we have a new generation and new needs which must be filled in by us, by us being EFFECTIVE TEACHERS, the Romanian Team chose to present our project theme through  musicals at our project meetings, because students are more receptive when they learn by playing and acting. However, teaching is a complex responsibility and many-sided profession demanding a variety of traits and ability. To teach is to “promote learning”. It means that effective classroom management depends in large measure on the teacher’s ability to plan interesting, student centered, multi-activity lessons to promote a high degree of student involvement and participation. As seen in today’s reality, there is a need to seriously ponder at how education, in the broadest word, can be better used to help professionals adjust to change and prepare themselves to meet the challenges of global competition and newest technologies. 
            Musicals  were presented on our traditional joint show on
Ø      Turkey project meeting – inspired by „The Sound of Music”- „ An effective teacher”
Ø      Romanian project meeting- inspired by „The Aristocats” – „Teaching and learning can be fun…”
Ø      Poland project meeting – inspired by „ Mary Poppins ” - „Living your childhood can be fun…”
Students from  6,7,8 grade took part at these musicals: singing, dancing, reciting ,
playing puppets.  
On the project site we presented some dramas as:
Ø      „E-the food additives”- a story about the need to eat healthy
Ø       „The salt in bred”-a traditional Romanian story
Ø      „The meal must go on!”- a story about the Thanskgiving Day meal
The 3rd graders and the 7th graders have played those roles after they have
created lines, have desined  costumes and sets. All was recorded and added
to the project site.
Ø      „The Nightingale legend”-a romanian folk legend
 Ø    „Fram, the polar bear”

were two other dramas played by the 3rd graders in front of the other colleagues and excited relatives,  with easy lines created by them and with colorful costumes made by their moms.

Also for our project meetings, students guided by their teachers prepared presentations about our country, town, school:
 Ø       Our school
Ø      Brasov-city story
Ø      Codlea –my city
Ø      Who we are?
Ø      Stephen the Great
Ø      Portrait of Romania
Ø      A small tour of Romania
Ø      Romania-our country
Ø      Romanian folk costumes and dances
Ø      Wild animals from our country
All are videos designed from children perspective. The movies were presented and applaused at the project meetings and added to the project site.
We have done some activities based on celebrations.Huge Designers is a large group of students from different countries. Through these activities we wanted to show them the way we celebrate Christmas ,Easter and the March Fests: the 1st  March Day,  Women Day and Martyrs Day.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving Day.Throught this activity our students were thought to be thankfull for everything they have.It is not a Romanian fest but we love to learn about other customs.
We designed Zoo models….2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students made the models, some in the school with their class teachers, some on their own and brought to the classroom to present in English. Students performance was recorded and then shown to them as a feedback. The zoo signs and models were made using paper by Origami and Tangram technique, flour, balloons, nuts and peanuts, clay. Some of them were used to made farms or Zoo, some to decorate the classrooms or the halls of the school. Some of them used ICT and presented all their work on the site.
3rd graders celebrate a day devoted to animals, they have brought their pets at school and dressed like favorite pet they designed animals using paper bags and colourful papers. 
Then we designed Street /City models .The first step was to make a big city model with class teacher. Then the model was used by an English teacher in her English classes. Besides some other students made small models on their own, brought them to school and presented in lesson on a relevant topic. Some of the models are still exhibited in the classrooms and teachers can use them to explain several topics or just for decoration.Thousand of pictures were made! It was an interesting topic for all students. 
Next step: design Traffic signs. Students learned that traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of roads to provide information to road users. With traffic volumes increasing over the last eight decades, many countries have adopted pictorial signs or otherwise simplified and standardized their signs to facilitate international travel where language differences would create barriers, and in general to help enhance traffic safety. Such pictorial signs use symbols in place of words and are usually based on international protocols. Such signs were first developed in Europe, and have been adopted by most countries to varying degrees. 2nd graders made traffic signs, lights and zebra crossing with their class teacher. Then they were provided with short traffic dialogues then learned by heart. When they were ready, their short scenes were recorded and shown to them as a feedback. 3rd graders made street models with traffic signs. They illustrated by these their road to school or to home and learned many English words about this topic.7th graders made a movie about Pedestrian safety Rules and Cycling Rules, added to the project site. Cycling is fun. Most children like to hop on their bikes and ride into the woods. But sometimes, they also meet with unexpected accidents while crossing a busy traffic signal or a congested street intersection. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to teach safety rules to children before allowing them to use their bicycles.
Because we are real artists, we designed Puppets and muppets. There were made many different varieties of puppets, and they were made of a wide range of materials, depending on their form and intended use. Students create extremely complex puppets or very simple in their construction, depending by age, skills, ideas…. As Oscar Wilde wrote, "There are many advantages in puppets. They never argue. They have no crude views about art. They have no private lives.” But certainly they are very interesting and fun made and played! 
So…..1,2,3 graders made hand or glove puppets controlled by one hand which occupies the interior of the puppet, made it using paper bags, gloves,socks, for „Fram, the polar bear”.3,4 graders made puppets on wood-spoon or using  balloons for „Snow Queen”, „Good girl/bad girl” and „Wizard from Oz”.4th graders made muppets for the musical „Living your childhood can be fun ”, using balloons and papier mache technique. 4th graders made muppets for the musical „Living your childhood can be fun ”, using balloons and papier mache technique.3rd graders made finger puppets for „Aleodor the Emperor”. 3rd graders made shadow puppets - a cut-out figure held between a source of light and a translucent screen.3rd grade students wrote funny short dialogues and staged them using paper puppets. The scenes were recorded many times till the sentences were correct! It was difficult but very interesting and exciting! 3,4 graders designed marionettes or "string puppets"- suspended and controlled by a number of strings attached to the head, back, hands (to control the arms) and just above the knee (to control the legs). Students made these marionettes for a drama -”Nightingale legend” -using  woolen yarn, for „Fruits stories” using flour and clay and for the musical presented in Poland, using pappier- mache technique, balloons and colorful paper.

Next step was to designed masks. A mask is an article normally worn on the face, typically for protection, disguise, performance or entertainment. Masks have been used since antiquity for both ceremonial and practical purposes. We used these for carnival and for other school performances. 2,3,4 graders made animal masks using paper, cardboard, canvas, colorful pencils, scissors, glue, stick, rope, a lot of creativity and they had fun! Of course, they used English too ! Very nice performances were presented as „Fram and Rajah-Circus day”, „Nightingale legend” and some of the masks were presented on the site, using ICT.

It is a tradition of our school community to greet the school day every spring. This year 3rd graders made this in a foreign language too. This time we celebrated this joyous season dressed up so springfully....making flowers costumes from recycled materials and designed Time flowers-flower mind-maps using colourful paper, with different topics as: Irregular verbes in English, English Past Tense, Save the nature!, How to be effective in school….

5,6,7 graders made Flashcards- a set of cards bearing information, as words or numbers, on either or both sides, used in classroom drills or in private study. One writes a question on a card and an answer overleaf. Flashcards have vocabulary, historical dates, crafts , clothes and other subjects  that can be learned via a question and answer format. Students used flashcards to  widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization by way of spaced repetition.
We wrote and received many interesting and funny letters. It was an exchange part of our project. Polish, Turkish and Romanian students exchanged letters and little projects on their culture and surroundings. The 2,3 graders exhibited the works received from their Poland peers and the 5,6,7 graders the letters from their Turkish peers and presented them during a Comenius Week in our School. 
All the  participants on the first project meeting in Turkey, students and teachers , made an e-magazine about their experiences there, named „Kapadokya moments”, and Turkish students translate this for their school. After the project meetings on Poland and Bulgarie, Romanian team made e-magazines too, „Gdansk moment” and „Schumen moment”, uploaded on our site.

Other e-magazines are „Christmas time”, „Who we are-amazing nature and history”, „Anime silhouettes”,”My favourites characters-Harry Potter”, „My hobbies” ,„Our values”, „Our partners”, „Comic book”, „Traditional Romanian recipes”, „Little poems”, „Environmental knowledge-home hygiene”, „Romania from ancestor until today –a little history lesson”, „Our partners”. Some e-magazines are team work , some were made by students themselves. The topics were chosed by students depending on their interests and hobbies. All these e-magazines were added on project site and you are welcome to browse them!

Some students made brochures with various topics as eco-problems or presentation of the school or town, using ICT , MSPublisher for example.

Another exchange part was about magazines.

The sixth graders made magazines devoted to  topics as  music, fashion, sports. They sent their works to their peer and received Turkish projects. Turkish magazine were very interesting!

3rd grade students learned about clothes hanging their favourites pieces on the classroom. They explained in English why and have been introduced to their classmates favourites clothes. Then they have designed and coloured different clothes on worksheets and named all the clothes found there.

7,8 graders made a fashion parade. They learned that is very difficult to be a model and to presente in English fabulos clothes.
After that, 3rd graders made their luggage, ready to go! They have chose a place to go, they looked for information about that country as continent, capital, interesting towns from there, what we could visit in that place, how is the weather at different times of year. So…..with all these in the „English suitcase”, students travelled around the world, learning about seasons and suitable clothing, how to prepare a suitcase for travel , what is a „must have”  when they are  tourists, what places they must visit in a lifetime and how to behave in different places, depending on the culture and local customs. In front of the class simple sentences related to this topic were spoken and written and we all were excited about the trip!
             When Romania was the project host meeting, there have been two interactive English lessons . One of them was about animals, with 6th grade students  and it content interactive teaching-learning methods as role play and puppet theater. 3rd graders celebrated the PET DAY, have brouhgt their pets at school or have been dressed as favourite animal, they spoke in English and had a lot of fun! 

The other lesson had a complex topic, our common values, and was more an interactive workshop, because students and teachers have worked together: presentation of the partners customs, stories, puzzles, crosswords, songs…..

A few students decide to compose poems, dialogues and sketches or to design crosswords and it was a huge surprise for them when their results were outstanding and apreciated by peers and teachers.
Some of students wrote stories, some illustrated these by drawings. It was difficult but interesting and funny to discover that we can be poets  or comic-writers.... real authors !
Because one of our project goal is to improve the ICT skills, students learned to design web pages. Colourful, with many interesting topics, these webpages made in the first place as word format, show to the other interests, hobbies, skills, creativity.
Then students have improved their work skills in cyberspace and created personal blogs where they posted impressions about various topics. They learned how to design a blog, how to use all functions and tools of a blog, how should communicate with other in this way.
The Romanian team designed a project blog and a project website in English and Romanian too.These were created in order to fulfill another project requirement, namely creating website. Not only is it to present project's output but also to encourage students to create their own websites . The project blog is another chance for the project team to express themselves. It is supposed to give inspiration to students interested in creating their own blogs. We chose to post the materials bilingual, English-Romanian, for all parents and students and everyone who is interested about our project , to enable reading about the project activities even if they do not speak English, and …why not… „awaken” their interest in learning English!

Two years ago our journey began with a „suitcase” full of dreams, desires,interests,curiosities, questions, plans for the future…With every imagined and undertaken activity , with every result, we have filled more that „suitcase”. We have put there computer skills working with an improved English, many new knowledge in various fields, huge discoveries about ourselves, many amazing memories, friends for life… 
We have a little bit of our journey then we carefully place this „suitcase” in place of honor, not so hidden so that we can use whenever we need! 
We are proud of what we created . 
We are fulfilled as 



duminică, 20 mai 2012

The "Huge Designers" fourth project meeting Tsarkvitsa, Schumen-Bulgaria 7 to 9 May 2012

            Here we are, at the last project meeting hosted by our partner school in the village Tsarkvitsa, Schumen region, Bulgaria. From School No. 2 Codlea, Brasov-Romania attended three teachers. We reunited  the project team  in Bulgaria and our hosts were very welcoming and eager to integrate us for three days in the small school from the forests, in whose yard we saw playful squirrels and daily walker hedgehogs who had their place among children. With traditional bread and salt we have welcomed by students, accompanied by shy , curiously, interestedly , friendly smiles. We were introduced in the school life Monday, early in the morning, making us forget the 40 kilometers in the school bus, the teachers go daily to meet their students.  

            The first day continued with a school visit, with the presentations of the teachers and students, with questions and answers about the education system and of course about writing with Kiril letters. Since the school was being staged in the final assessments for the fourth grade, we talk about common issues and differences in assessment in partner countries. We talked about school dropout situation in schools located in areas of risk or disadvantaged school population. Only students from the partners present at this meeting of the project were five Turkish students who were integrated immediately and have made many friends, Tsarkvitsa being a  Turkish community.
            The principal of the school, Mrs. Daniela Doikova, submitted the  story of the school from the beginning until now, familiarizing ourselves with the personality of Hristo Botev, patron of the school, the school's cultural rituals  and with specific problems of this community but also all the projects the school has developed over time, results being visible.

            Next....a visit to the  Huge Designers-Comenius exhibition, on which occasion we admired all Bulgarian students' work and we remembered moments and joint achievements of these two project years.
            We watched with interest the English sketch about close friendship of colours in a rainbow , the importance of each one and the contribution made to wholeness and beauty of the rainbow , a metaphor of 'The Same But Different ". Children made puzzles  on this issue. As usual, we had  project meeting  anthem, this time, Bulgarian students have taught us the song "Heal the World", by Michael Jackson. We were impressed with the great voice of the students in this school.

            Meeting with local authorities ended the first day experience. Hall Kozlevo is ascribed seven villages, including Tsarkvitsa. The mayor revealed many problems in common education, but also talked about the action taken to support school activities. Comenius project was considered the most important school project in the area, with real benefits for teachers participating in enriching experience regarding teaching and for students, as European citizens. The local authorities appreciated that, through this project, school and community Tsarkvitsa have become more visible both in the region and at national and European level.
            The second day was dedicated to Bulgaria tourism knowledge. I visited Balchik, residence of Queen Marie of Romania, feeling us and the wonderful Royal Botanic Garden, discovering the history and biology in both English and another from the Black Sea. It was a further lesson in history at Bran Castle in Romania. Then I visited Varna, with its imposing cathedral, with souvenirs and antiques fairs that fill alleys all parks. We stopped at the aquarium for unforgettable moments, remains impressed by the intelligence of dolphins, their ability to communicate and work in team ... a great lesson for us! We do not know which of us was impressed: student or teacher? Certainly adults enjoyed as a child every moment of the show.

            On our way we could admire cultivated fields, green „ocean” present even in cities, the bloom acacias  and we could fill our souls with the glycines smell  enshrouded us everywhere.
            Because we were staying in Schumen, city known since the  Thracians time, the Neolithic, then known as the most important fortified city in the United Bulgarian Middle Ages, located 20 miles south of Pliska and Veliki Preslav, the two medieval capitals of the Bulgarian State  to more than 300 years, we followed the course of history by visiting Madara-Reservation and Archaeological and Historical Complex National Memorial "Founders of the Bulgarian State". Madara reserve is where life sprang from the stone back in the Neolithic, where today you can see traces of Thracian sanctuaries, the ruins of pagan temples and Christian churches from the ninth century, and the monasteries hidden in stone from the sixteenth century. There is also a stone carving of a horseman, dating from the eighth century, one of its kind in Europe, which is why Madara Horseman is the symbol of Bulgaria in 2008 and is included in UNESCO as having inestimable value. Memorial Complex "Founders Bulgarian State" was built to commemorate 1300 years since the founding of the Bulgarian state, opened a museum in 1981. It is a history in stone sculpture and triptych talking about the Bulgarian state leaders and their rules. Here you can watch historical documentaries, and guides can talk for hours about the history of these places. The great monument can be seen from 30 miles away, complementing the plateau of the Schumen Natural Park.

            The third day of the project meeting  meant teachers conference and workshops where students worked together, a show with traditional Bulgarian music and dance and planting friendship trees in the school yard  of Tsarkvista. Teachers participating in the meeting presented a draft summary of projects in each school, and discussed the strengths and difficulties encountered in implementing the project. Was as final evaluation of the project. Opened a joint account for Picasa album for uploading photos section, consideration will be given to Romania. Coordinators discussed the final products , were distributed last tasks between partner schools,  were set last terms to compile reports, dissemination, uploading materials to project sites, etc.. Each partner country presented the project book.Turkey and Poland will finalize the joint project book , Bulgaria will take care of compiling material on internal assessments of the project and Romania will achieve final DVD project about the 4 meetings and DVD with the shooting made during the two years of development.
            Meanwhile, students have worked together in the workshop "Writing and drawing on board", illustrating the project findings in terms of children involved.

            The show attracted the entire community, it was another  occasion for celebration. Traditional dances from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria held the audience breathless and have reddened hands from stormy applause. Vocal soloists of school  impressed again with the beauty of music and vocal qualities. The traditional dances that are very popular in Bulgaria, amazed us with the  Bulgarian, Turkish and Greek blended influences  . Were presented themed parades and dances that students bring to school on all anniversary events. The audience asked for encores.

            In order to remain a sign of our passing through those places, a sign of our friendship and cooperation as "huge designers," we planted trees in the schoolyard, puting on their roots Bulgarian, Turkish, Polish and Romanian soil brought with pride by each participant country.

            Instead of goodbye before leaving Tsarkvista,  we released dozens of colorful balloons in the air to carry on our friendship, our common memories, these two years in the  Comenius world as  HUGE DESIGNERS....

Mihaela Dan
Project coordinator
School No 2 Codlea-Romania

Proiectul „Huge Designers”
A IV-a intalnire de proiect-Tsarkvitsa, Schumen-Bulgaria
07-09 Mai 2012

Iata-ne ajunsi si la ultima intalnire de proiect gazduita de scoala noastra partenera din satul Tsarkvitsa, regiunea Schumen, Bulgaria. Din partea  Scolii Generale Nr 2 Codlea, Brasov-Romania au participat  trei cadre didactice. Am reintalnit echipa de proiect din Bulgaria , foarte primitoare si dornica sa ne integreze trei zile in scoala mica, dintre paduri, in a carei curte am zarit zilnic veverite jucause si arici plimbareti care isi aveau locul lor binestiut printre copii. Painea si sarea cu care ne-au intampinat elevii, insotite de zambetele timide, curioase dar prietenoase, ne-au introdus in viata acestei scoli luni, dis-de –dimineata, facandu-ne sa uitam de cei 40 km parcursi catre scoala cu microbuzul care ii duce zilnic pe profesori la intalnirea cu elevii lor.

Prima zi a continuat cu vizitarea scolii, cu prezentarea cadrelor didactice si a elevilor, cu intrebari si raspunsuri despre sistemul de educatie si bineinteles despre scrierea cu litere kirilice. Deoarece tocmai se desfasurau in scoala evaluarile finale pentru cls a IV-a, s-a discutat si despre aspectele comune si diferentele in evaluare in tarile partenere. S-a discutat  si despre situatia abandonului scolar in scolile aflate in zone de risc sau cu populatie scolara dezavantajata. Singurii elevi din scolile partenere prezenti la aceasta intalnire de proiect au fost cei cinci elevi turci, care s-au integrat imediat si si-au facut multi prieteni , Tsarkvitsa fiind o comunitate turca.
Directorul scolii, doamna Daniela Doikova, a prezentat pe larg povestea scolii, de la infiintare si pana in prezent, familiarizandu-ne cu personalitatea lui Hristo Botev-patronul spiritual al scolii, cu ritualurile culturale ale scolii, cu problemele specifice acestei comunitati dar si  cu toate proiectele pe care scoala le-a desfasurat de-a lungul timpului, rezultatele fiind vizibile.

A urmat vizitarea expozitiei Huge Designers-Comenius, prilej cu care am admirat cu totii munca elevilor bulgari si ne-am reamintit momentele si realizarile comune din acesti doi ani de proiect.
Am urmarit cu interes sceneta in limba engleza despre prietenia culorilor stranse intr-un curcubeu, despre importanta fiecareia in parte si despre aportul adus la intregirea si frumusetea curcubeului, metafora a sintagmei „Different but the same” . Copiii au confectionat si puzzle-uri pe aceasta tema.Ca de obicei, am avut si la aceasta intalnire de proiect un imn-de aceasta data, elevii bulgari ne-au invatat melodia „Heal the world”, a regretatului Michael Jackson. Am fost impresionati de calitatile vocale deosebite ale elevilor din aceasta scoala.

Intalnirea cu autoritatile locale a incheiat experienta acestei zile. Primaria Kozlevo are arondate sapte sate, printre care si Tsarkvitsa. Primarul a dezvaluit multe dintre problemele educatiei in comuna, dar a vorbit si despre actiunile intreprinse pentru sustinerea activitatii scolilor. Proiectul Comenius a fost considerat cel mai important proiect desfasurat de o scoala din zona, cu reale beneficii pentru profesorii participanti in ceea ce priveste imbogatirea experientei didactice, cat si pentru elevi, ca cetateni europeni.S-a apreciat de catre autoritatile locale ca , prin intermediul acestui proiect , scoala si comunitatea din Tsarkvitsa au devenit mai vizibile atat in regiune cat si la nivel national si european.
A doua zi a fost dedicata cunoasterii Bulgariei turistice. Am vizitat Balcicul, resedinta Reginei Maria a Romaniei, simtindu-ne si noi regali in minunata Gradina Botanica, descoperind  atat istoria si biologia in limba engleza, cat si o alta fata a Marii Negre. A fost ca o continuare a lectiei de istorie de la castelul Bran, din Romania si am fost intrebati de colegii nostri despre alte aspecte istorice legate de Regina Maria. Apoi am vizitat Varna, cu catedrala ei impunatoare, cu targurile de suveniruri si antichitati ce umplu aleile tuturor parcurilor. Ne-am oprit la delfinariu pentru clipe de neuitat, ramanand impresionati de inteligenta delfinilor, de capacitatea acestora de a comunica si de a lucra in echipa… o adevarata lectie pentru noi! Nu stim sigur care dintre noi  a fost mai impresionat: elevul sau profesorul? Cu siguranta adultii s-au bucurat ca in copilarie de fiecare moment al spectacolului.

Pe drum am putut admira campurile cultivate, oceanul de verdeata  prezent chiar si in orase, salcamii infloriti si ne-am putut umple sufletele cu mirosul glicinelor ce ne invaluia de pretutindeni.
Deoarece am fost cazati in Schumen, oras cunoscut inca de pe vremea tracilor, din Neolitic, apoi cunoscut ca cel mai important oras fortificat din Regatul Bulgar in Evul Mediu, aflat la 20 kilometri distanta de Pliska si Veliki Preslav, cele doua capitale ale  Statului Bulgar medieval pentru mai mult de 300 de ani, am urmat cursul istoriei vizitand Madara-Rezervatia Arheologica si Istorica Nationala si Complexul Memorial „Founders of the Bulgarian State”. Rezervatia Madara este locul unde viata a izvorat din piatra, demult, in Neolitic, unde azi se pot vedea urme ale sanctuarelor trace, ale templelor pagane dar si ruine ale bisericilor crestine din sec. IX, si ale manastirilor ascunse in piatra din sec XIV. Tot aici se gaseste o sculptura in piatra a unui calaret, datand din sec VIII, singura de acest gen din Europa, fapt pentru care Madara Horseman este simbolul Bulgariei din 2008 si este inscris in patrimoniul UNESCO ca avand o inestimabila valoare. Complexul memorial „Fondatorii statului Bulgar” a fost construit pentru a aniversa 1300 de ani de la fondarea statului bulgar, deschis ca muzeu in 1981. Este o istorie  in piatra care vorbeste prin sculpturi si triptice despre conducatorii statului bulgar si legiferarile acestora. Tot aici se pot urmari documentare istorice, iar ghidul poate vorbi doritorilor ore in sir despre istoria acestor locuri. Maretul monument se poate observa de la 30 km distanta, incununand platoul Parcului Natural Schumen.

A treia zi a intalnirii de proiect a insemnat conferinta profesorilor, atelier comun de lucru al elevilor, un spectacol cu muzica si dansuri traditionale bulgaresti si plantarea copaceilor prieteniei in curtea scolii din Tsarkvista. Cadrele didactice participante la intalnirea de proiect au prezentat un rezumat al proiectului desfasurat in fiecare scoala, s-au discutat punctele tari si greutatile intampinate in implementarea proiectului. S-a realizat astfel evaluarea finala a proiectului. S-a deschis un cont comun pentru un album Picassa, pentru incarcarea fotografiilor pe sectiuni, cont ce va fi administrat de Romania.Coordonatorii proiectului au discutat despre produsele finale, s-au impartit ultimele sarcini intre scolile partenere, s-au fixat ultimele termene pentru realizarea rapoartelor, diseminarilor, incarcarea materialelor pe site-urile proiectului, etc. Fiecare tara partenera a prezentat cartea proiectului.Turcia si Polonia vor definitiva cartea comuna a proiectului, Bulgaria se va ocupa de compilarea materialelor privind evaluarile interne ale proiectului, iar Romania va definitiva realizarea dvd-ului despre cele 4 intalniri  de proiect si a dvd-ului cu filmarile realizate de fiecare scoala partenera de-a lungul activitatilor din cei doi ani de derulare.

In acest timp, elevii au lucrat impreuna in atelierul „Writing and drawing on board”, ilustrand concluziile proiectului din punctul de vedere al copiilor implicati.
Spectacolul a atras intreaga comunitate, fiind inca un prilej de sarbatoare. Dansurile traditionale din toate zonele etnografice ale Bulgariei au tinut audienta cu sufletul la gura si au inrosit palmele de la aplauzele furtunoase. Solistii vocali ai scolii au impresionat din nou prin calitatile vocale si prin frumusetea muzicii populare in care s-au impletit influentele bulgaresti cu cele turcesti si grecesti. Ne-au fost prezentate parade si dansuri tematice pe care elevii scolii le prezinta la toate evenimentele aniversare. S-au cerut nenumarate bis-uri …..

Pentru ca sa ramana un semn al trecerii noastre prin acele locuri, un semn al colaborarii si al prieteniei noastre ca si „huge designers”, am plantat copacei in curtea scolii, punand la radacina lor pamant bulgaresc, turcesc, polonez si romanesc, pamant pe care fiecare participant l-a adus cu mandrie din tara lui.

In loc de ramas bun, inainte de a pleca din Tsarkvista, am dat drumul in aer zecilor de baloane multicolore care sa poarte mai departe prietenia noastra, amintirile noastre comune, acesti doi ani petrecuti in lumea proiectelor Comenius, ca HUGE DESIGNERS….

Mihaela Dan
Coordonator proiect
Scoala Generala Nr 2 Codlea

sâmbătă, 26 noiembrie 2011

Impression-Poland, October 2011, the 3rd project meeting

This week I visited Poland with my friends from Comenius project.
We demonstrated once again that Romania is great and our team is simply the best!
Evening in a polish family

Saturday evening a beige car appeared in front of the School Nr 50
We arrived in Gdansk!
Full of emotions we met our Polish friends.
Between the big bags and teachers I saw a little girl who became my host.
Her name was Beata, a sweet person with a big heart!
Soon I met the whole family: 6 brothers, 3 sisters and a dog.
After some games and a cup of tea we realized that we have so many things in common!
But the night came and we had to go to sleep each of us nervous about what the next day will prepare us…

First (full) day in Poland

We visited the school, a huge and modern building. We met with the other Comenius participants from Turkey and Poland and we did a lot of interesting activities like improving our websites. The city was so beautiful…in the afternoon we were waited in Gdansk’s Municipality where we met the mayor.
In the evening Beata and her mother proposed me a walk in the city by night. The old buildings were gorgeous! After that we went at a café were we ate a delicious jelly yogurt.

Second day

We visited in the morning The Long Market Street, Town Hall and Museum of Amber after that we went to a science center. I never thought that physics can be so fun! After lunch we went to 4D cinema in Madison shopping center. It was so exciting! We all were very impressed and…we screamed a lot!

Third day  

This day we presented our program in front of all school! We all were really nervous and full of hope that everything will be OK!
The first was the Turkish team and they sang and danced on Shakira-Waka Waka…big success!
The second was the Polish team and they presented a modern version of The little prince…amazing voices , beautiful show!
The last team was the Romanian one, and after some technical problems everything was OK and we shown again that we are simply the best!
After that we visited the aquarium from Gdynia- never saw so many fishes! and had a walk at the sea in Sopot-first time when I saw the Baltic Sea! It reminded me of the Black Sea from home…

Forth day

In the morning we visited the Malbork Castle, the largest brick castle from Europe, a medieval fortress built by the Teutonic Knights. Once again it reminded me about home-we have the Black Fortress in Codlea built by the Teutonic Knights too.
In the evening we had the farewell party with all the project participants. It was very nice but also very sad because we all knew that the end of the visit is near…

The last day

In the morning we visited the British Council Library and we found out about the student’s programs provided by them.
After that we visited the city and we bought some souvenirs for friends from home.
We went back to school and some of us were invited to a scout meeting-our hosts were members of that organization.
After that I went back to my Polish family…for the last night.


It was a great experience!
During this trip I visited unique places, met extraordinary people and practiced my English…
Those 5 days were really tiring but I think that they worth the effort and now I’m happy to be back home!
Ioana Bodean
8th grade

Feelings....first memories from Poland

Emotion, joy, enthusiasm, fear, tiredness....These are a few of the thousands feelings that we’we been through since we entered Poland. We were eager to arrive in Gdansk and discover a new culture, new people and bound new friendships. We faced  three days of traveling in the bus, a bus that hosted all of these feelings.....The review with polish group was full of emotions and ended up with tears of joy. Now, integrating in the schol  and families helps the emotions to go away wasily and the enthusiasm that takes over us becomes our friend.

Last memories from Poland

Emotions, feelings, activities,dreams and others.....Visits at the Baltic sea, Malbork Castle, many museums....
Amber, new food, a kind of different culture and nice things to picture and to shop....Great atmosphere, kind people, amazing school, sweet and funny kids....
Despite the cold weather, our hosts tried their best! And they did it!
They offered us a great week, full of culture, activities and fun! We’we learned how to work as a team, how to love eachother and moreover, we’we learned how to handle things on our own.
We were all sorry to say the last „Bye!” to our friends, but unfortunately we couldn’t move there, as we all wanted!
Thank you for all, Polish people! I am hoping to see you again and I want to have fun with you one more time!..Or two....or three times....or....why not five times?....:)

See you soon, Polish friends!
It was nice to met you, Gdansk!

6th grade


My new family:) First impression….

I loooove my family for this week.:x Olka is very friendly, helpful, sweety and I talk with her a loot.:D
Her mother, Monica( I think I write right:-s) is sooo nice with me and sooo caring.
Her grandmother is funny and i like her very much because she learn some worlds in English for me: I am, you are, you eat and stuff like these.
Her sister is soo beautiful, but I can't talk with she because she is 4 years old.:(
My new room is soo big, bigger than mine. Olka has posters, magazine, clothes, pictures with she and her friends.
I love love love love Poland and the people who live here.:x

Comenius Show

Wednesday(19.10.2011) we made our shows.:)
The Turkish group sing and dance on:
Shakira-Waka Waka
They were good. Eda sang and the other 3 girls danced.

The Polish group made a drama, a musical  from "Little Prince".
They sang:
Jason Maraz-I’m yours
Linkin Park-Numb
Evanesence-My Immortal
They have amaizing voices and great choregraphies. Their coordinator, ms. Ewelina  was excelent!

And, of course, Romanian group.
I can't say that we was the best;)) just because I am modest , BUT we was   extraordinary, like always.
We sang songs from Marry Poppins, The Sound of Music, Michael Jackson, etc..

Anyway, this day was an extraordinary day.:D


For the beggining, I LOVE POLAND. It is a beautiful country, with a rich history and great people.
In that week, my "sister" was Olka Stawarz, a beautiful, clever, handsome and amazing girl.:)

 Her family was  so helpful, that I felt that her house it's my second home. Her mother,Monika, is nice, funny and young. Her sister, Hania, is soo sweety, like Tinkerbell . Her grandmother,Basia, is a wonderful woman.

In Poland we visited the City Hall, an Educational Center, Amber Museum, the Port, the Aquarium , the Malbork Castel, a kind of Students Club.:D

I ate some traditional foods: beetroot soup and tomato soup.
It was soooo good!

In Poland I met some guys that i will never forget!
Olka Stawarz,Daria Lisewska,Oliwia Dunajska ,Ania Miazek

This week was fantastic.:) We met many obstacles, but, like a team, we knew how to solve. I learned what is friendship and I am sad because my friends from Poland can't be here.:(
Aida Groza
7th grade


Poland-Day 1

 Althought it was a long and tiring journey we finally got in Poland,a beautiful country with a lot of history behind it.
 Our hosts are friendly and kind,and all the 6 members of my 'adoptive' family speak english,wich I find very helpful in my comunication.
I have spent my Sunday night talking to Maria,the middle daughter,and all the family and the house make me feel like home!:x

Poland-Day 2

  Monday.We got to school and all of us were so enthousiastic.We have spent our first day at school,doing all kind of activities,especially improving our websites.we also went to the city council and saw where the congress is meeting and we were told more about the mayor and all that.
 I have spent my evening in the company of my family,wich by the way, is very comunicative and hospitable and to me it seems perfect!

Poland-Day 3

 Tuesday.Today was more tiring,we visited the city in the morning,then we went to a science centre,an interactive one.We were all excited about everything and didn't knew where to go first:)) After that we were to 5D cinema and we saw 2 movies. It was so much fun!
When we got back at school we had one last rehearsal for our program tomorrow and we ended our day at 8.After that I went in the city with my 'mom' and had a hot chocolate.
The evening was again with the family.
 So far I have a very good opinion about Poland,the people here and all the rest,but I can't wait to go back home;))


Poland-Day 4

 Wednesday.In the morning we had our performance and everybody loved it!After breakfast we went to Gdinya Aquarium where we had an interesting lesson and saw all kinds of fish.
 At lunch we  were at a restaurant in Sopot nearby the shore and we made photos and we had a walk on the pier,the longest bridge in the sea in Europe.
 We returned home and I have spent the evening with the family.
Today we had beautiful experiences but we were tired again.We are used to it so there's no problem:))

Poland-Day 5

Thursday.Today we visited the Malbork Castle built by the teutonic knights wich is the biggest red brick castle in Europe,it's huge!And today we weren't so rushed,we had more time to visit it.
After the trip to Malbork we had time to prepare for the farewell party,a disco in the gym.We had so much fun!
I like this place so much but I want to go home and see my friends and family wich I miss so much.We have only one day left here and I am really curious what feelings I will get when we will leave.I miss home!<3


Friday.The day isn't over yet but I have to post something.
So I will post my conclusions.
 I saw how Polish people live and there aren't many differences.I felt like home and my hosts were so hospitable and kind and pacient all the time and the best part was that all the members of the family spoke English and this was a good chance to improve mine.
The cities we visited were beautiful with a big history behind them.The walk on the bridge in Sopot offered us a gorgeous view of the sea and of the sunset.
 The only regret I have is that we didn't had time to visit more thing and that sometimes we were rushed.All the hard work and the tiredness had good results.
Poland is a big country with civilised people and beautiful history and places.
In this travel besides learning new things we saw beautiful places and made new friends that I am sure we will keep in touch with.<3

Madalina Savin
8th grade



During the meeting in Gdansk-Poland, we had a very busy and interesting program. We had some technical sessions at school, where we planned the schedule for the second project year. We discussed details about the end products that have to be finished this year.
We visited the school, we met the teacher of English and German language , the teacher of Music, Sports, Biology, ICT, Religion, History,  the primary level teachers and their students .
Our hosts offered us a very good welcome and organization of activities. I noticed that they have a very calm school atmosphere. I have seen very interesting creative hand wrought activities at school. The end results of the students’ activities were exhibited in the school hall. In that place I saw a lot of diplomas that proved that they like to participate to various contests and to win important prizes for themselves and for the school. The school structure is very suitable and equipped. The civil authorities from the city are very attentive and get involved in organizing and suporting activities of the school.
The families got actively involved in the activities organized for the hosting of the project meeting and I noticed that many of them are involved in general in all the school activities(I saw parents observing the class and helping the teacher to organise the students’ break activities).
Cultural activities  choosed by the host school were very interesting and covered our project aims and goals, improving our knowledge about Polish history, customs and traditions.
Many thanks for our Polish friends for all this week!!!

Stefan Berei

My first impression about Gdansk is connected with speed and cold wind.  But, beyond this, visiting Gdansk and our partner school was a very rich and beautiful experience. I realize now, after some time has passed, that Gdansk is in my memory like a very precious piece of amber. It has a special charm… I was impressed of its buildings made from red bricks (all of them have something from the shine of the red amber), Motlawa river with its charming ships and, of course, ul. Mariacka (st. Mary's street) – places where I'd like to return one day. And, if this will be possible, I will choose the bus too!

        In school, I saw that activities are very well organized, the students have access  to many extracurricular activities, the material equipment is very good and the school is very clean. Things to admire…

A special moment was when polish teachers organized for the guests a polish evening. It was a great pleasure for me to taste polish traditional food, to listen and sing traditional songs, to share impressions, thoughts, views with polish teachers and parents.

I conclude saying that I was happy when our performance got most applause of all participants. Actually, we are Huge Designers! 

Adriana Stroiescu